Someone Said I Was Wise Today.

Being described as wise is not an everyday occurrence for this writer. Upon hearing the words I reflected on a number of people that some consider wise such as the Dalai Lama, Bertrand Russell, Mahatma Ghandi, King Solomon, Shakespeare, grandparents, the bartender on Saturday night around one in the morning. Just what was it that merited the adjective wise?

The scientific community cannot agree on a definitive definition of wisdom. They will agree that such things as having an open mind when confronted with new and novel ideas as well as having the ability to reflect on life and perform a self-examination are the property of the wise. A few scientists will acknowledge that awareness of the Spiritual Self indicates the possession of wisdom.

No real test exists for wisdom, intelligence yes, but not wisdom.


Unless the struggle, the challenge, the uncertainty of life is present, wisdom rests quietly beneath the surface. As we experience life with all of its’ changes and nuances we develop the abilities to empathize, discern and balance in an assortment of situations involving a variety of problems and personalities. Those abilities combined with plenty of restorative sleep, moderate exercise, nutritious fruits nuts and vegetables plus water result in an integrated human being capable of wise decisions.

Tonight I may not get enough sleep and tomorrow I may not exercise. I may have to miss a meal and I may overdose on caffeine. Will I make wise decisions? I hope so.

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