Speak To Me Of Poetry

When you speak to me of poetry I am reminded of the words I myself have penned and those I have read. I recall being captivated at once by the voice, the timbre and tonal quality of the voice.

When you speak to me of poetry I wonder if you visualize the spoken words or see yourself as the subject of the poem, the revealed soul for whom this poem has been created. Are you his/her partner as the rhythm of the poem moves you?

To truly know, understand, and appreciate poetry or prose, let alone the poet in all his/her depth of being, the reader/listener must oblige his own creative nature to take the lead as he or she begins to trust and nurture the interest. There must be given time to study the poet’s work. Beyond a quick glance there is a world where both parties will be strangers until that moment of recognition at which moment the opportunity for connection is there.

Photo by/toa-heftiba

Most people keep their emotional reactions to poetry to themselves. They will freely share with you their intellectual opinions, however that is all. What their heart has experienced is a private matter. To be a poet takes courage; even more courage is needed for the reader/listener to share their feelings. Instead an awkward silence takes reign; conversation ends; the seat across from you is vacated; you are unexpectedly alone.

I am a poet. I converse with you without a mask. I feel the time is right to include poetry in our conversation: There Is More To Us-released is patience without doubt-each day a little more confidence-a bit of added trust-a stronger center of gravity. There is comfort in physics and math -joined are movement and matter. After the tears there is strength in the beauty-a lesson of force within the law.

Welcomed is a calm voice-a quiet mind-a bold Self.

As day passes tomorrow beckons. Gone are suffering and madness. Through love we mature. Secrets unravel and life continues as flesh, bone and water.

It is I who must end now. I will be the one to leave the chair vacant. Perhaps you also are a poet. Share a poem with me. Or look into the mirror and share a poem with you.

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