More Patience Please

Let’s talk about impatience. Has impatience always been a dominant characteristic of humanity? It seems to me it rests beneath the surface until some unexpected circumstance releases it upon an unsuspecting bystander creating unnecessary discomfort and unease.

Photo by/Brett

Perhaps patience is notably disappearing because digital technology has created a society where the average individual is driven by a need for instant gratification.

Pleasantries like please and thank you are considered boring and formal. There is no need of them in a text. The London Centre For Economic Policy Research has completed a number of studies which support the opinion that a lack of patience destines the individual to a life of procrastination. I’m told the reward for giving special attention, developing toughness, and knowing how to persevere are the ways to success. Each one of those abilities demands we exercise patience.

Friendship depends upon patience. Marriage depends upon patience. The relationship between body, mind and soul depends upon patience. Patience protects us, helps us make sound decisions, allows us to cope with adversity, prevents feelings of powerlessness. A well tuned intuition, an active form of compassion, are the results of patience. We are presented with opportunities to show ourselves patient every day; in a grocery store, at the bank, as we wait in a doctor’s office or in the car on the road, you can add to the list, it’s a long list.

Photo by/ Ante Hamersmit

As you stand in the still air amidst the mountains and lakes, no matter the time of day you can hear the plaintive call of a crowded congested city, ‘ a little more patience please, ‘. Practicing patience makes life enjoyable. It creates a relaxed atmosphere where all can breathe easily and live longer. Do you see yourself reaching 100 years? I know I want to. Maybe you do too. If we are patient with ourselves and with others I am confident we can get there.

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