Be Not A Coward

We were not created to be cowards. There is no such thing as a ‘fear gene’.

Photo by/Blake Wheeler

Our ability to be courageous is within us. There from birth is a small measure of power. It is that gift of power which combines with our motivation and propels us to conquer fear and act in harmony with the standards set before us whether by someone we desire to please or by us ourselves for personal growth.

Being shy does not translate into being fearful. Perhaps you need some encouragement before declaring to others the substance of your beliefs. Upon receiving a gentle nudge you share your truth. Deep down you are confident. You may not be bold but you have integrity, you are real, authentic, and no coward.

Photo by/ Yan Krukov

Speaking up for what you need can be difficult. Surviving through a pandemic without your support system can be daunting. I understand how exhausting it is to go it alone. I had to work at developing self-control, being a good listener. I learned to see the big picture. It took courage to leave the familiar and accept the opportunity to venture into the unknown. Rigid thinking is a definite roadblock when trying to communicate to a loved one or to a stranger, our values, our desires, our goals, our thoughts. Better to practice being flexible. Wiser to develop a resilient mind. Then there is endurance.

So many of us perform so many little acts of courage in living a single day. First loves, a new job, an operation, having a baby, traveling; in all these experiences there are moments which took courage. You might call yourself a coward, but I know that in the course of your daily routines you demonstrate that you are strong and you are capable. You know you are a loyal friend and an honest employee. When you’re wrong, you admit it. Do you know how many people have trouble saying the word ‘ sorry? ‘. Millions.

Some will tell you that feeling fear while watching a scary movie is exciting and fun. There are others who admit with a big grin that they are adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers who thrive in a world of extreme sports and daring adventures. When asked how do you have fun, be not a coward. Joyfully answer playing checkers with granddad, spending an afternoon at the zoo, riding for hours on a bike, hiking with friends. As the laughter calms down to a chuckle you look around and in their eyes is admiration. Inside you feel the self-respect. You realize that it is okay to be different. Dare to be different.

Photo by/Lital Levy

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