Happiness Is Knowing How To Think

Photo by / Christelle Hayeh

To solve a problem we need knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge. That being true, it makes sense to accept that training the mind and protecting the ability to think are important. Our lives consist of more than following a detailed set of instructions.

As babies, we begin to think as soon as the senses begin sending information to the brain. As we grow and mature the ability to think and reason grows and matures. Experience after experience provides us with an expanding internal memory of lessons learned. When coping with problems, or planning for the future; when making decisions, or giving guidance to another; when reading, listening, or writing, the manner in which our thinking ability develops will determine the quality of the outcome that will result from those listed activities.

The basis of thinking is the memory. It is the memory which allows for the continuity between the past and present. Though memory is an active and necessary part of the thinking process, memorization is not the same as learning. To learn we need to understand the information being taught to us and how that knowledge is applied. Once the application of the lesson is understood, we file the lesson away in a secure section of our memory for future use. One such use is arriving at solutions to simple and complex problems.

Photo by / Hans-Peter Gauster

Before the pandemic I had figured out the puzzle that was my life and was busy enjoying the smaller additional puzzles that were part of the gallery that was my life. Today, like for many others, life resembles the above photo.

The title of this post is ‘Happiness is Knowing How To Think’. Had I not valued my mind and loved learning; had I settled for memorizing only during those formative years at school or ignored how important it is to know which questions to ask and how to ask them, those puzzle pieces would never become a new picture; a new approach to living.

Knowing how to think is a protection. Being of sound mind is a life saver. It is our powers of perception which allow us to recognize our influence and our imprint on the people and the environment that surround us. Once perceived, living harmoniously as a productive member of the human family is possible and for a long time.

Photo by / Etienne Boulanger

At present many of our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors are in pain. A large number of people we don’t know are suffering. It is a perilous time for both the earth and the human family. We need to remain serious. It is not the moment for speculation. Find happiness in thinking.

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