Ecology And Ethics

It is becoming impossible for anyone to deny that ecosystems need to be healthy if mankind is to remain healthy. Nor can experts deny that it is humankind’s responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the planet’s ecosystems while meeting the needs of terrestrial populations. The major discussions now revolve around the adopting of an acceptable set of ground rules for moving forward with already decided changes.

Photo by / Chloe Lam

For example, at present, there are a number of scheduled meetings to take place around the world where the exact definition of ‘sustainability’ will be decided. This will allow countries to set aside their assumptions and replace their potential possible plans for real explicit and comprehensive blueprints that promise positive improvement. For years they have circled round the various topics presented at Climate Change Summits, jotted down pertinent points and speculatively agreed to achieve certain targets by certain dates. They have gone their separate ways full of hope only to have one or more of the countries involved change their position, renege on their agreements, even dismiss some problems altogether. This lack of clarity explains the continuing inaction and frustration of governments and the growing doomsday rhetoric of environmental scientists. Enter center stage: ethical ecology.

Photo by/ Kato Blackmore

Motivating the experts to include ethical considerations when formulating their policies is proving beneficial for all. Ethics is not the same as social science. It is a philosophical exercise that tries to assess then effect a right and good course of action as in the case of ascribing reparations to be paid to a historically oppressed community. Change happens when we become clear and precise about what we value, what we judge to be worth saving, what we hold dear, what deserves our protection. Each day a greater number of concerned citizens are affected. Governments now recognize that climate change is a moral crisis and not just a scientific crisis.

The ethical arguments being spoken these days possess power. When you include the human heart you reach beyond facts and figures. Guided by a desire to help those in need the projects being initiated reflect decisions that are having a positive impact and a just outcome for a greater number. Every day the choices we make affect the quality of our life and the lives of others. Involving ethical principles in those choices provides a solid foundation to make future good judgments if and when social dilemmas occur. A society where justice, wisdom, courage and integrity reign is a society that will flourish regardless of the unexpected.

We cannot allow ourselves to harm further the beauty all around us.

Nor will the soul rest in peace if we allow it to be stolen from future generations.

Photo by / Tim Marshall

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