A Few Words On ‘Crime’

The reasons why the human heart is driven to commit a crime is a favorite topic in the world of psychology and literature. Throughout history, this form of treachery has been scrutinized and in some cases eulogized. Less is known and understood about the mind and its’ particular kind of crime.

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From all that I have read and watched under the banner of true crime, it seems to me that the criminal mind is motivated to excel beyond the innovative, original, outlandish, outrageous, unbelievable crimes that have already seen the light. The owner of such a mind seeks to conquer the mind of his victim. To win at a game is not enough for this person. Obtaining the highest marks in a test does not satisfy, nor is this Mind content with trophies, ribbons, or titles given in acknowledgement of their superior performance. Much more is required for this particular individual. In the example of murder, it is not the woman/man that this criminal wants, nor the money if any is involved such as an insurance policy or inheritance. The Mind is not seeking fame or adulation. It seems to me that what is deep down or within this person is a powerful urge to prove that he/she is a god, a master/owner of all one can become. In other words, this person is the dreamer of your dreams; the author of your life story; you exist because their Mind lets you exist. The weaker the victim the less euphoria in the domination of them. For this would be god-man, the death of the body is secondary to the submission of its’ mind.

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The Mind and Crime become lovers long before the victim appears. The juvenile introduces their self through clever pranks. As confidence grows and the juvenile matures signs of the criminal Mind can be noticed by the astute observer through the questions that it asks and the things that make it laugh. If the young adult becomes bold, it begins to have fun disrupting the lives of others through the administer of charms and spells and inventions.

In the majority of those who possess a criminal mind, the owner of such a mind remains quiet and in the shadows. Without warning, the Mind transcends all barriers and boundaries of natural heart and brain to delude the human being and ascend as a god to seat itself upon the throne of the god-man. The unsuspecting owner of this mind plods on in its’ life as a student, employee, husband, wife, daughter, leader, employer while the Mind creates a world for its’ own, there to plot and plan total reign above all it perceives to rule.

The moment of truth arrives. Will the emerging developed Ego be strong enough to defeat this mind before it delivers the soul to manifest the Crime it so needs to enact in order to proclaim its’ supremacy?

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Up to this point, the Mind has been under the control of the Body and its’ needs, its’ wants and desires, showing itself in little ways. Somewhere along the path ahead lurk snares, detours, obstacles, challenges. Each one of those, is a chance for the honest, law abiding personality to show itself. As the complete person, with mind under control, enters the real world, begins to go with the flow of the stream of time, he/she will identify a place to stand and build. Once settled, what will happen? In my case, my mind surrendered to the dictates of my soul long ago.

In life, crimes happen. Most are within the confines of the experts’ knowledge and comprehension. We are warned through books, shows, podcasts, magazines, videos and newspapers that the Mind of today’s criminal is uncanny in its’ ability to fool, delude, outwit, trick, and deceive the intelligent, let alone destroy the innocent more trusting souls among us.

Let me conclude here with this thought: We are all capable of crime. We all have a mind that can be controlled. So know thyself. Be truthful with yourself. Love yourself. Discipline yourself. Seek to dominate no-one. Let yourself not be dominated. None of us created this earth, or the sun, or the moon, but we are the creators of the story that is our life.

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