When The Need Is There – Volunteer

Almost a billion people worldwide volunteer.

Volunteers can be found everywhere. They are people from all walks of life, ready to offer their skills, their time, energy and enthusiasm, as well as their ideas and professional knowledge when the need is great, without thought of remuneration. You can find them in nursing homes, at sports’ events, on construction sites, planting trees, teaching ESL to new immigrants and refugees, serving in soup kitchens, reading to patients in hospices and mentoring disadvantaged youths. They are there when sunny days disappear and unexpected storms damage and/or destroy our homes. The National Volunteer Week theme for this year, 2022, is ‘Volunteering Is Empathy In Action’. It is the quality of empathy that helps one relate to people, develop a bond with another person, view the world through another’s eyes, establish common ground upon which to form partnerships that build a healthy society – the kind of society that willingly cares for the planet.

Volunteers got us through The Great Depression, The Haiti Earthquake of 2010, and The Attacks on Twin Towers. Today there are volunteers worldwide helping us through this pandemic.

Virtual volunteering is fast becoming popular besides being necessary. There are virtual volunteers helping Indigenous youth, cancer patients, fashion designers, burn victims, riding instructors, church groups, translators, social workers, corporate CEOs and company managers online via computers, tablets and smart phones. The volunteers decide how much time they have to offer and what skills they would like to share. Some of them choose to volunteer in their own community while others offer to travel across country. Sometimes, besides filling out and sending in an application, a resume and copy of references is required. A request for interview by phone or online is next. Depending on the position being accepted for, an applicant will be required to get a Police Record check, also called a Vulnerable Sector Check. There are various internet sites that offer help with resumes and cover letters if needed.

An American thirty year study done by researchers from Cornell University discovered that “those who volunteered were happier and healthier than those who did not.” They further concluded that after only a few hours of volunteering a person’s “general physiological demeanor and psychological well-being are so heightened that this (volunteering) has been nicknamed “The Helper’s High”.

Aristotle is quoted as having said “What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” Those words are from 2300 years ago and they are as inspirational today as they were then.

2 responses to “When The Need Is There – Volunteer”

  1. Volunteer works and donations are among those good causes that I feel everyone should do it atleast once in life. It’s a good feeling and to be helpful to others like that. Liked reading it. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


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