In Search Of A Home

The first 20+ years of the 21st century have elapsed with no end to the persecution and bloodshed that have forced people to run for their lives, abandon their home and even surrender the idea of ever having a home.

The number living in refugee camps and temporary shelters is in the millions. Death awaits them should they return to their country. They hope each night that their dreams come true; dreams of a new home and freedom. They pray that they will awaken to a life of peace, equality, and prosperity; a life with cleanliness, work and laughter.

It was at the end of year 1950 when UNHCR was established for the goal of assisting Europeans displaced by World War 11. This newly formed agency would exist to provide help for three years and then disband. Instead, in the summer of 1951, the UN adopted a basic statute known as the Status of Refugees which has been working ever since to provide care for any and all fleeing persecution and conflict. To date, the number needing assistance fluctuates between 40 to 50 million; an almost deafening outcry from suffering mankind.

Photo /, Pixaby

Headquarters for the UNHCR is in Geneva. More than 75% of the staff workers are active in the field. The largest areas of intense activity are Asia and Africa including places of ever present danger such as Afghanistan, Republic of the Congo, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Columbia. The relief work being done daily, round the clock ( the education, health care, infrastructure rebuilds, and the provision of basic necessities like food, water and sanitation ) would never be accomplished were it not for mankind’s abilities to achieve co-operation on an international stage.

What though for the suffering and hardship surrounding those who are left to survive the natural disasters; the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, mudslides, sinkholes, and tsunamis?

Photo / Pixaby

It was alarming to discover that there were no existing international refugee laws addressing the specific situations of such people beyond insurance. Nor were there laws in place to guide and assist the growing number of victims created by climate change; the drought, the rising sea levels, irreversible changes in major ecosystems and so much more we know little about and fear more and more.

An advancing number of today’s intelligent and influential people in the know as well as a number of outspoken thinkers center stage are ending their discussions and discourses concerning the future with a similar refrain, that refrain being, ” God only knows.”.

I hope there are others who will avail themselves of the knowledge already given.

Photo / Pixaby

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