The Survey – A Modern Version Of Twenty Questions

Do you need to know why a certain product or company is so successful? Conduct a survey.

Surveys satisfy curiosity. After collecting hundreds or thousands of opinions, an intelligent well informed decision can be made. Governments and Boards of Directors are examples of that fact.

Acceptance is manifest when the neighborhood elite toast your wares and voice your choices. Security is guaranteed as you modestly adopt trends and cultivate public sentiments. As you look ahead to the future you see a marriage with career advancement; perhaps some controlling interests in the business community and even a place in politics. Some would just advise you ‘ go with the flow ‘.

Thank you / Pixabay

Surveys indicate what attitude wins the race, gets the contract, marries the heiress, finds the cure, earns the vote. They form the shield behind which a warrior plans the next move. Before a campaign, an opponent’s strategy, his/her strengths and weaknesses can be learned through carefully designed surveys. Nine times out of ten the informed participant is the winner.

Not everyone lives their life within the confines of Public Opinion but as of today 84% do. It is believed by most of the Western World that data openly available is to be trusted before that which is hidden or secretive. Wildly held truths are to be followed before ancient so called wisdom. The slogan ” majority wins ” was never meant to be a ” here today, gone tomorrow ” ideal. It was and is an ideal held by millions.

In conclusion, it is not known if a survey is needed before deciding on who to love. Many still believe that is possible to fall in love at first sight. On the other hand there are those who firmly believe it is a question only a fortune teller can answer.

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